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We Keep Going, So You Can Keep Moving

Our Clinic is dedicated to providing trusted and personalized foot care for all ages.
We’ve been serving long-term care homes, the community of Burlington, and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Don’t stand for foot pain. Visit our new location at 70 Plains Rd W Unit 8, Burlington, ON L7T 0B6. Let us put the “pep” back into your step!

Do You Need Nursing Foot Care?

People from all walks of life can develop foot conditions.

If you’re experiencing:

✓ Foot pain
✓ Back pain
✓ Knee & joint pain
✓ Diabetes
✓ Nerve issues
✓ Circulatory disorders
✓ Arthritis
✓ Fungal or other infections
✓ Deformities in toes, skin, or nails
✓ Mobility issues
✓ Other foot-related abnormalities

Then book an appointment with one of our Foot Care Nursing experts. Aldershot Foot Clinic will work with you to customize an optimal foot and lower limb care plan.

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