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Mobile Services

At Aldershot Foot Clinic, we’re on a mission to provide excellent medical foot and lower limb treatments to people on-location and beyond. We service Burlington, Hamilton, and any surrounding areas.

Who Do We Treat?

No two clients have identical concerns. The Aldershot Foot Care team are knowledgeable dealing with a range of medically compromised individuals living with:

    1. Arthritis
    2. Diabetes
    3. Multiple Sclerosis
    4. Parkinsons
    5. Dementia
    6. Poor circulation
    7. Immunocompromisation
    8. Respiratory and breathing issues
    9. Mobile limitations
    10. Those undergoing cancer treatment
    11. Patients on blood thinners


What Do We Provide?

To alleviate these conditions and more, we offer an array of treatments and services including:

    1. Assessment
    2. General nail care (such as clipping and filing nails)
    3. Diabetic foot care
    4. Peripheral neuropathy testing
    5. Corn and callus reduction
    6. Ingrown nail treatment
    7. Reduction of thickened nails
    8. Fungal nail treatment
    9. Preventative care


We also offer additional care including:

Nail Bracing – A pain-free alternative to ingrown nail surgery.

Compression fitting & ordering – We measure and match you to your perfect fit, selling premium brands and footwear styles through our online store.

Footwear measuring & fitting – Check out our online store for comfortable foot fashion that fits!

Custom orthotics – Our certified pedorthist will walk you through a biomechanical exam to recommend the best orthotics for your needs.


Why Consider Mobile Care?

Mobile care is an ideal alternative to anyone unable to easily access our clinic. Whether you’re in a home care community, long term care facility, or retirement home, contact us and take advantage of the same outstanding care you’d receive in our clinic from the safety and convenience of your own residency.

No matter your age, condition, or location, you deserve optimal care. We strive to exceed expectations, and meet the highest of mobile service standards possible. Our practice runs on three pillars of excellency: reliability, safety, and the devotion of our nursing team.

Don’t wait to treat your gait. Preventative routines are just as important as managing existing conditions. Happy feet benefit from an Advanced Foot Care Nurse visit every 6 to 8 weeks.


How Can I Make An Appointment?

Take the first step towards a healthier you. Call our clinic at 905-220-5014 to book your in-home appointment!

Want to experience our top-notch facility for yourself? Book an appointment at our new Aldershot Foot Clinic location: 8-70 Plains Rd. W, Burlington, ON, L7T 0B6.

Life keeps moving, and so should you. Let’s work together to reclaim the joy of movement!

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