Getting You Back On Your Feet Again

Healthy feet is what we are all about!  Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist is an healthcare professional trained to assess lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, formulate and implement a treatment plan. We offer no obligation assessments. Their goal is to alleviate painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limb, accommodation of foot deformities, re-alignment of anatomical structures and improve balance.  Solutions may include custom made orthotics, stretching and strengthening exercises, footwear or additional devices.

A patient assessment includes a patient history, range of motion comparison,  gait analysis, joint angle/anatomical assessment, and foam casting of the foot to generate a custom foot orthotic.

All Orthotics are fabricated by our Certified Pedorthist from raw materials at Step Above Orthotics and dispensed on-site at Aldershot Foot Clinic.


FAQ-What is a Pedorthist?
Pedorthist’s specialize in the use of footwear and supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs. They are trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, and the appropriate use of corrective footwear. They are also trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear. To become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist a candidate must complete a university degree, followed by  post-graduate training program.
If you would like more information about Canadian Certified Pedorthists and what they do you can visit www.pedorthic.ca or www.cpedcs.ca
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